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How You Can Volunteer at Menchville House

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Updated December 2014

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Volunteer Opportunities

The efforts of Menchville House are very much dependent on the support we receive from volunteers.  

From time to time, additional volunteer opportunities may be listed at:

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Please contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator at (757) 833-5980 if you can assist in any of the following areas:

Dinner Program
Menchville House welcomes groups to prepare and serve dinner for our residents through our Dinner Program.  This is a wonderful serving opportunity to make our residents feel special!

Volunteering through our Dinner Program requires individuals or groups to provide a prepared meal for up to 45 people (16 adults and 30 children), and additional food for the number of volunteers in your group coming serve. During the weeknights, volunteers usually arrive at 5:00pm to set up dinner and dinner is served from 5:30pm to 6:30 pm.  Dinner should consist of a hot, well balanced meal. If you have a group interested in being a part of the Dinner Program or to find out more about this great volunteer activity, please call (757) 833-5980 ext 201 or email

Volunteers are always needed to tutor our children in reading and other subjects. These sessions can be designed to work with one resident or with a group. The sessions are conducted after school. We also welcome individuals who can conduct workshops for our moms on an array of topics from credit repair to life skills, etc. To find out more about this great volunteer activity, email, or call (757) 833-5980 Ext 201.

Field Trips
The most enjoyable and exciting activities that Menchville House provides is field trips to many different social, community, and educational events. Activities such as baseball games, bowling, skating, and museums allow our children and parents to experience firsthand the excitement of these events. We invite our supporters to sponsor field trips by either monetary donations to cover the cost of the field trip, donating passes to functions or to help with transportation and chaperoning children during the trips. To find out more about this great volunteer activity, email, or call (757) 833-5980 Ext 201.

Other volunteer needs:

  • Clerical Assistance
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Childcare on site
  • Organizing seasonal activities for the children
  • Maintenance assistance
  • Landscaping assistance

If you wish to volunteer, contact us and let us know about your experiences, strengths and hopes. We like to know what resources and competencies you will bring to Menchville House. And be sure to tell us how to contact you. References are always required for anyone working or volunteering at Menchville House